Criminal Justice Agency, NON-MEMBER COSTS
  • Law Enforcement Basic-$4500
  • Jail Officer Basic-$3000
  • Court Security Civil Process-$1000
  • Communications Officer-$850
  • Animal Control Officer-$1500
Criminal Justice Agency, Non-Member Costs
  • $90 per day unless otherwise stipulated in training schedule

Academy Rules

All Attendees are expected to present a professional appearance while attending a training program at the academy.  Business casual attire is permitted in lieu of departmental uniform or BDUs with polo.  We do not permit shorts, cut offs, jeans, sleeveless shirts, hats worn in the building, or anything with obscene print which detracts from a positive learning atmosphere. An exception to attire will be made for those trainings held with specific needs and requirements. All are required to adhere to their agency regulations with regard to haircuts and regular shaving.
There will be no alcohol or tobacco products of any kind allowed in the academy building.  All tobacco products must be consumed outside the building.  Tobacco disposal receptacles are provided in designated areas outside the building
Certified Law Enforcement Officers may carry firearms while in full uniform or displaying badge of authority if in civilian attire.
There will be no food consumed in the classrooms and beverages are permitted provided those responsible will take caution on spills and clean up.
Time credit (class hours) will only be given for the actual number of class hours in attendance.  If you do not complete the required class hours for your scheduled class, you will not receive a certificate or credit hours. Insure you are signing in and out with initials and times in the roster provided.
All cell phones must be off or on vibrate when in class so as not to interfere or interrupt classes while in session. No unauthorized recordings or photographs of training is permitted and body worn cameras must be removed.
The exercise room may be used before and after classes and during lunch periods.  The exercise room rules are posted on the wall in the exercise room and a log is available for signing in and completing a waiver.
Be respectful of other classes that are in session during your class break/lunch times.
Report any accidents or injuries occurring on academy grounds to academy staff immediately.
Breaks and lunch times will be at the discretion of the instructor/s.