Skyline Academy is operating on normal business hours with COVID19 protocal and procedures. If you have been recently exposed, have a fever, or are feeling ill please visit us at a later time.

Comprehensive Training

Prepare to start your career in Criminal Justice from SRCJA in Middletown, Virginia. We offer multiple basic training classes and continuing education as required by the Department of Criminal Justice Services for certified criminal justice professionals. Please keep in mind that housing accommodations for recruits and students who travel to our academy are by your agency's policy.

Basic Training

Basic training is required for Police Officers, Deputies,Communication Officers, and Jail Officers. This is achieved through DCJS approved teaching curriculm, practicals and written testing.

Persons not affiliated with a member agency must request in writing attendance to a basic and in-service programs. They are admitted to training programs on a space-available basis and based on agreement of tuition. Confirmation of registration from our academy is sent to the training officers upon the executive director's approval two weeks prior to the start date of the training, which consists of:

20 Weeks

Law Enforcement Basic School

12 Weeks

Jail Basics

2 Weeks

Communication Basics

40 Hours

Instructor School

Fee Schedule

Our fee schedule is used for representatives from agencies who attend training and are not participating members. The course costs are as follows:

  • Law Enforcement Basic - $4,500
  • Jail Basic - $3,000
  • Court Security/Civil Process - $1,000
  • Communication Basic - $850
  • In-ServiceTraining - $90 Per Day

In-Service Training

We offer a myriad  of in-service training in person and online through PoliceOne, which requires sign-up through your current agency for the initial enrollment. To remain certified in the State of Virginia, officers and deputies must complete 40 hours of law enforcement and 24 hours of jail in-service training every two years. Please see our training schedule.